Steam Locomotives by City

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Updated 4/1/00

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surviving steam locomotives in Connecticut by Wes Barris

All photos taken in 1997 by Richard Jenkins unless otherwise noted

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Boston & Maine 1455
Boston & Maine 2-6-0 no. 1455 was built by ALCO's Manchester works in 1907,  and was the last steamer in regular service on the B&M when she was retired in 1956.   After many years on display at the Edaville Railroad in South Carver, MA,  and later at the Cape Cod Railroad,  this engine was sold to the Danbury Railway Museum in 1999.   After the sale she was stored in Rochester, MA,  where she is shown in this March, 1999 photo,  to await the move to Danbury.   The big move finally took place on March 20, 2000.   The DRM hopes to eventually restore the engine to steam.

Valley Railroad 40  (ex-Aberdeen & Rockfish 40)
One of the few regularly-scheduled standard gauge steam railroads in New England is the Valley Railroad in Essex,  CT.   Mikado no. 40,  formerly of the Aberdeen & Rockfish R.R.,  is one of two working locomotives there.

Valley Railroad 97  (ex-Birmingham & Southeastern 97)
The Valley Railroad's other working engine is former Birmingham & Southeastern 2-8-0 no. 97.

Valley Railroad 103  (ex-Sumpter & Choctaw 103)
The first engine the Valley Railroad used to pull their trains was Sumpter & Choctaw no. 103.   Eventually their trains outgrew the little 1925-vintage 2-6-2,  and the engine was put on display by the entrance to the depot at Essex.

Canadian Pacific 1246
The other engine on display near the entrance to the Valley Railroad's Essex depot is Canadian Pacific 4-6-2 no. 1246.   Both this engine and the 103 are owned by the Railroad Museum of New England.   This 1946-vintage Pacific is one of many Canadian engines that found their way this side of the border for preservation. She is shown here in September, 1999.