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Updated 6/20/01

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Huckleberry Railroad 2  (ex-Alaska Railroad 152)
This three-foot gauge 4-6-0 was built by Baldwin in 1920 for the United States Government,  for use on the former Tanana Valley Railroad.   This was bought by the Alaskan Engineering Commission and used in the construction of the standard gauge Alaska RR.   It then operated until 1930 as the ARR's Chatanika Branch.   Today,  as Hucleberry Railroad's no. 2,  the little ten-wheeler hauls tourists on the Huckleberry Railroad in Flint, MI.   The Hucleberry Railroad is also home to several other steam locomotives,  including former Rio Grande K-27 class 2-8-2 no. 464.   Photo by George Thelen,  August 17, 1996. Thanks also to Marty Knox of the Hucleberry Railroad for providing a history of this engine.

Quincy & Torch Lake 1  "Thomas F. Mason"
Quincy & Torch Lake no. 1 is a narrow gauge 2-6-0 built by Brooks in 1889.   She is on display outside the Quincy Mine in Hancock, MI,  along with Q&TL 2-8-0 no. 5.   A brief history of the Q&TL can be found on the Copper Range Railroad & Copper Country Historical Page website.   Q&TL No. 1 is shown here in July, 1990.   Photo by George Thelen.

Quincy & Torch Lake 5  (ex-Hancock & Calumet 34   "Opechee")
Quincy & Torch Lake 2-8-0 no. 5 was built by Baldwin in 1891. This engine was originally built for the Hancock & Calumet, and named "Opechee". She was sold to the Q&TL in 1901, and served them until the railroad (and the Quincy Mine) closed in 1945. She is shown here in July, 1990. Photo by George Thelen.

Jackson Iron Co. 0-4-0  "Yankee"
This unusual, vertical-boilered locomotive was built in 1868 by the Cuyahoga Steam Furnace Company.   It is an early geared-type locomotive,  with the cylinders mounted vertically behind the boiler.   They drove the rear axle via a reduction gear, and side rods coupled the rear wheels to the front wheels.   Named the "Yankee", the engine served the Jackson Iron Company mine in Negaunee until 1889.   After that she lay abandoned for almost 50 years,  before being cosmetically restored in 1938.   The engine is now on display outside the Michigan Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee.   More information about this unusual locomotive can be found on David Thomas' Geared Steam Locomotive Works web site.   Photo by George Thelen,  July 2, 1996.

Lake Linden
Calumet & Hecla Mining Co. 3
This narrow gauge 0-4-0t was built by Porter in 1915.   After many years on display in Lake Linden, MI,  this engine is currently undergoing restoration to steam in Calumet, MI,  for service on the Lake Linden & Torch Lake Railroad.   She is shown here in July, 1990,   while still on display in Lake Linden.   Photo by George Thelen.