North Dakota
Steam Locomotives by City

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Updated 6/18/99

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surviving steam locomotives in North Dakota by Wes Barris

All photos taken in 1998 by Richard Jenkins unless otherwise noted

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Northern Pacific 684
When I went to find Northern Pacific 4-4-0 no. 684 at a place called "Bonanzaville" in Fargo,  ND,  I was expecting to find a tacky "Wild West town" tourist attraction.   Instead what I found was a delightful museum of a turn-of-the-century prairie village,  with authentic buildings moved to the site from small towns all across North Dakota.   Originally I had planned just to go in and see the engine (which is in fact visible from the front gate),  but I ended up spending the better part of the afternoon there,  and it was well worth the modest price of admission.   The engine is in good condition and more or less complete,  except that the eccentrics are missing from the valve gear.   This was reputedly done by the Burlington Northern to prevent the engine from being returned to steam.

Soo Line 440
One of three surviving Soo Line 2-8-0's in North Dakota,  F-8 no. 44o is on display next to the depot in Harvey, North Dakota.   Photo by George Thelen,  September 16, 2000.

Great Northern 3059
Great Northern O-1 class 2-8-2 no. 3059 is the last surviving GN Mikado.   She is now on display in a city park in Williston, North Dakota.   Photo by George Thelen,  September 17, 2000.