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Updated 5/10/01

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surviving steam locomotives in Nebraska by Wes Barris

All photos taken in 1995 by Richard Jenkins unless otherwise noted

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Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 719
One of five surviving CB&Q 4-6-0's,  K-4 no. 719 is on display on 18th Ave. in Alliance, Nebraska.   It seems doubtful that this locomotive and the wide-cupola caboose were ever paired together in service,  but they make an attractive display.   The engine appears to be in great cosmetic condition in this photo by George Thelen,  September 28, 1999.

Union Pacific 561
US Highway 30 runs more or less parallel to the Union Pacific route across Nebraska,  and since many of the towns along the way were built by the railroad,  there are a lot of UP steam locomotives to be found in city parks when travelling across the state.   This one,  Harriman 2-8-0 no. 561,  is displayed in Pawnee Park,  in Columbus, NE. More information about preserved Union Pacific locomotives can be found on the official Union Pacific web site.

Union Pacific 481
This C-57 class 2-8-0 is displayed at the corner of 7th & 11th Streets in Kearney, Nebraska.   The C-57's seem to have been a popular choice of engine for the Union Pacific to donate to towns along the line.   There are seven of them in Nebraska alone!

Union Pacific 485
Class C-57 2-8-0 no. 485 is on display at the Dawson County Museum in Lexington, Nebraska.   The lettering on the locomotive and the fence around it are new since I saw the engine in June 1995.   However,  the lettering font and the placement of the road name on the cab side and engine number on the tender do not appear to be accurate for the Union Pacific.   I'm not sure if they reflect an older UP style,  or just something that somebody in Lexington made up.   Photo by George Thelen,  September 20, 1999.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 710
CB&Q K-4 ten-wheeler no. 710 is on display next to the station in Lincoln, Nebraska.   This photo was taken by Eric Lauterbach,  who says,  "She looks better than any park engine that I have ever seen."   The attractive 4-6-0 looks as if she's practically ready to run in this May 2000 view.

North Platte
Union Pacific 3977
While Challenger no. 3985 enjoys the spotlight in Union Pacific's excursion program,  her only surviving sister,  no. 3977,  doesn't look too shabby,  either.   She is displayed in Cody Park,  which is one of two parks in North Platte, Nebraska with a steam engine.   The big 4-6-6-4 is very well maintained,  and is sitting on a curve to show why they call them "articulateds".   Also in Cody Park is one of the Union Pacific's massive Centennial diesels,  no. 6922.   In fact,  on the day I was there in June, 1995,  there were two of those in North Platte as well!   No. 6936,  normally reserved for excursion service,  had arrived earlier in the day on a freight train,  and was sitting in North Platte yard.

Union Pacific 480
Just a few blocks from Cody park is Memorial park,  home of Union Pacific 2-8-0 no. 480.   This little C-57 class consolidation is a fine example of a well-kept park engine.   The paint is relatively fresh,  the headlight is lit,  and the cylinder head covers gleam in the late afternoon light in this June, 1995 photo.   I hope she still looks this good today.   I got the impression when I was there that the folks in North Platte know how to take care of their park engines.

Union Pacific 407
The oldest surviving C-57 2-8-0 is no. 407,  built in 1899.   She is now displayed in Legion Park in Sidney,  Nebraska.   When I was there in 1995,  she looked like she could use some new paint,  but apart from that she seems to be in reasonably good shape.