New York
Steam Locomotives by City

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Updated 11/18/2000

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All photos taken in 1997 by Richard Jenkins unless otherwise noted

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Arcade & Attica 18  (ex-Boyne City Railroad 18)
Former Boyne City 2-8-0 no. 18 is one of two steam locomotives at the Arcade & Attica Railroad in Arcade, NY.   The other,  former Escanaba & Lake Superior 4-6-0 no. 14,  is not currently operational.   Photo by Jim Faliveno,  October 2000.

U.S. Army 2
This 0-6-0 switcher was formerly owned by the U.S. Army,  built to a standard design during World War II.   It is now parked in the old Delaware & Hudson station yard in Cooperstown, New York.   Photo by Jim Faliveno,  October 2000.

Canadian Pacific 5361
Canadian Pacific 2-8-2 no. 5361 is stored in an industrial park in Depew,  on the outskirts of Buffalo,  New York.   She is owned by a member of the Western New York Railway Historical Society,  owners of Pennsy decapod no. 4483.   The society is currently working towards setting up a permanent home for their collection.   Once that goal has been reached,  this engine will eventually be restored,  either cosmetically or to steam.

Pennsylvania Railroad 4483
Pennsy I-1sa 2-10-0 no. 4483 is one of the few surviving Pennsylvania Railroad steam locomotives outside of Pennsylvania.   Owned by the Western New York Railway Historical Society,  this big decapod is undergoing cosmetic restoration in Hamburg, NY.   She is parked behind an old depot that has been converted to a hobby store,  and is shown here in February,  1997.

63   (railroad unknown)
This 0-4-0T no. 63 is displayed next to the depot in Ithaca, NY.   The depot itself has been turned into a restaurant,  along with a handful of passenger cars behind this engine.   This photo was taken in August, 1998.

New York Central 6721
One of only a handful of surviving New York Central steamers,  this B-11k class 0-6-0 is on display outside Union Station in Utica, NY.   Photo by Jim Faliveno,  October 2000.

Canadian Pacific 453
This Canadian Pacific D-4g 4-6-0 is stored outside the New York, Susquehanna & Western shops in Utica, NY.   The shops are also home to NYS&W 142,  a Chinese SY class 2-8-2 built by Tangshan Locomotive Works in 1989.   Originally built as no. 1647 for the Valley Railroad in Essex, Connecticut,  no. 142 was sold to the Susquehanna after the ship carrying their own Chinese 2-8-2 (no. 141) sank.   The Susquehanna runs infrequent steam excursions with no. 142,  but it's not clear what plans there are (if any) for no. 453.   Photo by Jim Faliveno,  October 2000.