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Updated 9/24/00

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All photos taken in 1997 by Richard Jenkins unless otherwise noted

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Norfolk & Western 433
The Norfolk & Western's Abingdon Branch,  with its idyllic country setting and ancient M Class 4-8-0's,  was a favorite haunt of the legendary N&W photographer O. Winston Link back in the 1950's.   You still can ride the route today,  but now only on a bicycle.   Although the rails are long gone,  however,  it is still possible to find an M Class 4-8-0 in Abingdon.   Resting quietly beside the route of the former branch line is no. 433,  built by Baldwin in 1906.   This engine is one of two surviving M's.   The other one,  no. 475,  is a working engine at the Strasburg R.R. in Pennsylvania.

Chesapeake & Ohio 701
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-0 no. 701 is on display in a city park in downtown Covington,  VA.   The engine appears to be reasonably well cared for,  although the color scheme isn't quite 100% authentic.

U.S. Army 606
Not far outside of Covington is what appears to be an abandoned tourist line,  with an old depot,  a siding full of gondolas converted to carry passengers,  some old wood cabooses,  and this ex-U.S. Army S-160 class 2-8-0,  no. 606.   The S-160's were built during World War II for the U.S. Army Transportation Corps.   Many saw service in Europe,  and some survive there today.   This engine was last used at Fort Eustis,  VA,  and was apparently stripped down for a restoration that never came.   Her cab,  smokebox front,  and other miscellaneous bits and pieces lie on the ground nearby.

Chesapeake & Ohio 2760
One of the best-represented engine types in preservation is the Lima "Super Power" 2-8-4.   Nearly identical engines were built for the NYC&StL,  RF&P,  W&LE,  Virginian,  Pere Marquette,  and Chesapeake & Ohio,  with only minor detail variations between the different railroads.   There were also differences in name,  as the 2-8-4's,  commonly known as "Berkshires",  were called "Kanawhas" by the C&O.   In addition to survivors from the NYC&StL and Pere Marquette,  there are 12 surviving C&O Kanawhas.  Now a park engine at Lynchburg,  VA,  no. 2760 looks like she could use a coat of paint.

Chesapeake & Ohio 2732
C&O Kanahwa no. 2732 is on display at Parker Field in Richmond, VA.   While the paint job doesn't look too bad,  the engine is reportedly in rough mechanical shape.   Photo by Richard Glueck,  January 2001.

Norfolk & Western 1118
In addition to the six steam locomotives preserved in the Virginia Museum of Transportation,  there are four other survivors of the steam era in Roanoke.   M2 class 4-8-0's no. 1118 and 1134,  M2a no. 1151,  and W2 class 2-8-0 no. 917 were sold for scrap back in 1950 to the Virginia Scrap Iron and Metal Company,  and have somehow managed to evade the torch for all these years,  though they remain unpreserved.   For more information about these "lost engines",  check out my "Lost Engines of Roanoke" website. Parked outside the scrapyard fence, 1118 is the easiest to see of the four engines.

Norfolk & Western 1134
Norfolk & Western 1134 is sitting inside the scrapyard fence right behind 1118.   With its cover of vines,  the engine becomes almost invisible when the leaves come out.   This engine and no. 1118,  are the last surviving M2 class 4-8-0's.

Norfolk & Western 1151
Norfolk & Western 1151 is the last remaining M2c, the Roanoke-built variation of the Baldwin M2.   She is also in the worst shape of the Roanoke scrapyard engines,  missing her smokestack,  smokebox front,  and all of her side rods.   She is also the most heavily covered in vines.

Norfolk & Western 917
Norfolk & Western 917 was built by Baldwin in 1903.   She is now the last surviving W-2 class 2-8-0.

Canadian Pacific 1238
These Canadian Pacific 4-6-2's 1238 and 1286 are lettered "Virginia Central",  and were used for excursions around Staunton.   However,  CSX,  on whose rails these trips ran,  hasn't been very receptive towards steam excursions lately,  and these two engines have been stored servicable in Staunton.   Canadian Pacific 4-6-2 no. 1238 is shown here in March, 1999.

Canadian Pacific 1286
Canadian Pacific G-5d 4-6-2 no. 1286 sits behind no. 1238 in this March, 1999 photo.