West Virginia
Steam Locomotives by City

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Updated 6/18/99

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All photos taken in 1998 by Richard Jenkins unless otherwise noted

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Cass Scenic Railroad 4  (ex-Mower Lumber 4)
Among the more famous tourist lines in the country is the Cass Scenic Railroad,  a former logging railroad in Cass,  WV.   Trains are pulled by beautifully-maintained Shays like no. 4.   This engine was built in 1922 for the Birch Valley Lumber Company,  and was sold to the Mower Lumber Co. (predecessor to the Cass Scenic R.R.) in 1943.

Western Maryland 6
Western Maryland shay no. 6 was the biggest shay ever built.   She was also the last,  entering service in 1945.   This engine spent many years in the Baltimore & Ohio R.R. Museum in Baltimore,  MD,  before being sent to Cass in exchange for a couple of other locomotives.

Cass Scenic Railroad 6  (ex-Meadow River 6)
A look at the storage track next to the repair shop reveals that not everything is spit-and-polish at Cass.   Heisler no. 6 was a working engine when I saw her back in the late 70's.   Though this 1929-vintage engine still seems to be in pretty good shape,  signs of deterioration are already starting to show.

Cass Scenic Railroad 8
Climax no. 8 appears to be in deplorable condition,  although much of the wasted wood and sheet metal that makes her look so bad now would probably be replaced anyway,  if and when they ever decide to restore her.

Cass Scenic Railroad 36  (ex-Brimstone Railroad 36)
Although this Shay is still a long way from being operational,  it looks like some conservation work has been taking place on her.

U.S. Army 612
A U.S. Army S-160 2-8-0 from Fort Eustis,  no. 612 shares the same fate as Shay no. 7 behind her,  quietly rusting away on the siding while immaculately restored Shays steam past.