Steam Locomotives by City

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Updated 5/4/01

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surviving steam locomotives in Arizona by Wes Barris

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Southwest Forest Industries 12
Southwest Forest Industries 2-6-6-2 no. 12 is on display outside the Arizona Historical Society's Pioneer Museum in Flagstaff, Arizona.   This classic Baldwin logging Mallet was built as a tank engine in 1929.   She was originally no. 6 of the Hammond Lumber Company,no. 6 and worked for a variety of owners in Oregon and California before ending up as no. 12 at Southwest Lumber Mills (later Southwest Forest Industries) in 6no. 6 It was here that she was rebuilt as a tender engine and her side tanks were removed.   In 1960 the engine was retired from service and placed on display in Coconino County Park,  where she rested for over 30 years before being moved to the Pioneer Museum around 1994.   She seems to be very well maintained.   For more information about this locomotive and other Baldwin Logging mallets,  visit Jon Davis' excellent Mallets in the Tall Timber web site.   Photo by Richard Glueck,  August 2000.

Atcheson, Topeka & Santa Fe 3759
Santa Fe 4-8-4 no. 3759 is the centerpiece of Locomotive Park in Kingman,  Arizona.   One of the oldest surviving Northerns,  3759 was originally built by Baldwin in 1928,  and later modernized around 1941.   She is a sister of no. 3751,  which has been restored to steam by the San Bernadino Railroad Historical Society.   Photo by Richard Glueck,  August 2000.